Get pregnant

You always thought,

… that that becoming pregnant was the easiest and most natural thing in the world ?

… that becoming pregnant quickly is no problem at all, if the desire to have children is there ?

And then you realize that having a child, turns out to be very much more difficult than you first thought, even though you eat healthy food, you don’t smoke, you lead a healthy lifestyle and have sufficient sleep.

Many couples, whether they’re at the end of their 20s, in their mid-30s or at the beginning of their 40s, are faced with an enormous success and achievement pressure when it comes to becoming pregnant. What originally should have had something to do with love and tenderness, ends suddenly in emotional chaos : Between hope and fear, between joyful expectation and endless sadness, between disappointment and helplessness, between the positive pregnancy test and the bad news.

“It was not supposed to be like this”

Thanks to my many years of experience in this area, I know to well the feelings, concerns and thoughts of the women and men with the desire to have children.

Do you also know this ??

  • … What if it never will happen and we remain childless ?
  • … Why is this happening to us?
  • …This feeling, when you’ve already heard a thousand times the well-intentioned advice: “relax, then it will be ok”.

  • … This feeling when your next friend, colleague or sister-in-law is pregnant and you are still in the waiting queue to become pregnant

  • … You’ve had one or several false births and since then you just can’t become pregnant anymore ? Or you had a traumatic experience during a previous birth ?

  • … How do I deal with these roller coaster emotions? I just want to become a mother !

  • … When all of the sudden, everything is just about your fertile days, when the romantic, initial fun of “trying out” eventually becomes planned moments where “it” has to happen and your relationship starts to suffer, just for a baby

  • … Why are only pregnant women and mothers with prams to be seen?

  • … This feeling to retreat more and more from family and friends, because you simply can’t bear the presence of their children anymore.

  • … What if I’ve missed the chance to become pregnant while I was still young and fertile and now the only possibility to become pregnant is by artificial insemination? At the same time the risk of trisomy 21 threatens (Down syndrome).

  • … Is a late pregnancy, at the age of 40, even possible, or do I have to be artificially inseminated ?

“You can’t always choose what happens but you can always decide how to handle it”

You want to know how you can break the vicious cycle of negative thoughts ?

If you feel that now is the right time to get support, then you have come to the right place. It’s a pleasure for me to accompany and support you on your journey which will feel more relaxed and balanced.

Whether you are already dealing with temperature curves, or in the middle of examinations and treatments, doesn’t matter to me. It would be presumptuous to promise you a baby or a guarantee that they will become pregnant after you have taken part in a hypnosis session.

As an hypnosis therapist, with many years of experience in this area, I know that with the help of hypnosis, your body, mind and soul find harmony and balance, which significantly increases the chances of getting pregnant.
Hypnosis is in this case “only” the tool to reduce stress, to experience relaxation, to process emotions, to strengthen your self-confidence again and to heal old and unconscious blockades and belief patterns.
We search together the reasons why it’s not working out with your pregnancy wish. With the help of Body Wisdom and other numerous techniques out of my tool box, I ave efficient and powerful methods to explore the causes of endometriosis, hormonal disorders, polycystic ovarian syndrome, poor Spermiogram and defective genes.

The doctors of the CHL, to whom I still maintain a good contact from my many years of working with them in the clinic, confirm that the women, who’ve attended my hypnosis sessions, are much more relaxed with their desire to have children.

Wouldn’t it be nice to feel confident and balanced again?

You must go your way alone, I will be more than happy to accompany you back on the right track with my knowledge and my techniques.

It would also be my pleasure to accompany your partner in this difficult time.

Prices: 1st meeting (approx 1.5 hrs) : 145€
Follow up session (ca. 1h): 115€

The fee is immediately due at the end of the respective session. You can pay by cash, by credit card or by DigiCash.

Please let me know at least 48h hours in advance if you need to cancel the appointment. Please understand that any appointment arranged orally or in writing that is not cancelled at least 48 hours in advance will be charged.


Please contact me if you have any questions or if you would like to be accompanied during the time of your pregnancy wish.

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A study by Levitas shows the positive effect of hypnosis, during the embryo transfer. Impact of hypnosis during embryo transfer on the outcome of in vitro fertilization–embryo transfer: a case-control study. Free download here.

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You find more information about artificial inseminations in the CHL in the PMA 2014 Guide.

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