Fears? Allergies? Stress at school?

Are you searching help for your child?
Are you looking for an enjoyable method that helps your child?

Does your child suffer under? :

  • Fears (of people, animals, places, situations, monsters, school, failure, dentist, vomiting, injections, heights, flying, being alone,…)
  • School (concentration, motivation, learning abilities, math, languages, blockades, bullying, fear of exams, better memory,…)

  • Sleep (nightmares, bedwetting, sleep patterns,…)

  • Allergies, asthma, hay fever
  • Stuttering tics, pain

  • Nail-biting, thumb-sucking

  • Self-esteem, social skills, mental strength, performance, jealousy, jealousy, etc.

  • Aggression, stress, overcome shyness

The answer is MindTV

If you can visualize it, you can remove it

MindTV, especially developed for children, is one of the easiest and most effective ways to resolve the concerns of children. It has little to do with hypnosis, because children don’t need hypnosis to solve their problem.
And the best thing about MindTV is: it’s great fun for the Kids.

Mind TV HypnoBalance Cindy Gouden

Every parent can relate to these situations

  • “What are you afraid of?
  • Why can’t you sleep?

  • Why can’t you concentrate?

  • Why do you still wet the bed?”

Quite often the children have no answers to all the questions. They feel that something is bothering them, but they can’t put into words. They can feel fear, anger and sadness, but generally they can’t describe it nor explain it. Children only notice their stomach pain, when it comes to having to go to school, or when they don’t want to sleep alone. Sometimes you just don’t know it, at least not consciously. The key to success is the subconscious mind.

„”A generation in its prime that increasingly struggles with burnout, designs for its own children a life with more pace, more obligation and more demand. It repurposes kindergartens into schools, because it believes that children, who learn math at an early age, will reach the goal faster.
Wait a moment – which goal?”
Herbert Renz-Polster, German pediatrician, scientist and author

Herbert Renz-Polster, deutscher Kinderarzt, Wissenschaftler und Buchautor

How does MindTV work?

MindTV uses visualization to obtain access to the subconscious mind. Children eyes light up, when you ask them if they would like to watch TV in their own head. With MindTV we let the children express their feelings in form of objects and then we remove them If you can visualize it, you can remove it
In addition MindTV strengthens the self-confidence of the children.
After the session they’re always so excited to tell their parents how cool it was

Your child doesn’t have to be still nor particularly quiet. Time and time again it fascinates me how a child gets up and walks around during the session, but at the same time, he stays fully dedicated.
MindTV works for children and young people, from the age in which they are able to understand what you want from them, so approximately 3-4 years. But it also works with adults.

From experience I know that children are quickly finished with a session, so it is only fair to charge the time needed for a session, rather than a fixed price.

Price: I charge 115€ per 60 minutes (incl VAT)

This service isn’t supported by the statutory health insurance.
The fee is immediately due at the end of the respective session. You can pay by cash, by credit card or by DigiCash.

Please let me know at least 48h hours in advance if you need to cancel the appointment. Please understand that any appointment arranged orally or in writing that is not cancelled at least 48 hours in advance will be charged.

Please contact me if you have any questions or if you want to help your child in the simplest way

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