Cindy Gouden – About me

At some point, during the last decade, I stopped believing in coincidence.
I am convinced that everything happens for a good reason, even if we can’t always immediately explain or understand it.

And so it’s perhaps no coincidence that I became a midwife. To support a mother during birth is a beautiful task, even if it’s not always simple.
“Coincidentally” (or not ;-), through an expectant mum I came in contact with hypnosis, a topic I had never dealt with before. Like most people, I only knew about hypnosis from the television – and what I saw there always was highly questionable for me.
I would never have dreamed of what followed next … this one birth that changed my life …
Since 2010, with the help of HypnoBirthing, I prepare couples for birth. HypnoBirthing is a globally successful concept for pregnancy and childbirth that is doing very well in Luxembourg since its introduction in 2010.
By “coincidence” I attended one tutorial after another and accordingly developed and expanded my knowledge and my “tool box” as I like to call it.

Cindy Gouden

Through my whole journey, I’ve had people, coaches, trainers, teachers, colleagues and friends who accompanied me on my way… to help me become the person I am today.
People who support me and believe in me. A big “thank you” to these people.
And to my dear husband, who told me: “No matter where your journey takes you, I’m taking it with you” and thus, gave me all the freedom I needed to take my own personal way …
In 2018, my journey finally took me to my own Hypnosis Practice. A wonderful step – it really feels great.
No matter where my path will lead me, and no matter where our paths intersect, I’m looking forward to accompany you on one of your many steps of your journey.
I work with the firm conviction to keep our common path as short as possible, because this means that in each session, I bring out my best tool that I have, so that you can find your way on your own, strengthened and packed with self-confidence. This way you can continue your journey without any negative symptoms. Primary goal is always to restore harmony to body, mind and soul. And it also saves you time and money.
My heart will probably always be close to the topics of pregnancy, birth, fertility, including traumatic births, miscarriages, so I would be honored to accompany you in this domain too. No matter how hard the circumstances are, there are ways and means to handle them…
Since I’ve discovered methods to restore harmony to body, mind and soul, these topics have become big parts of my work.
To guide people, so they can feel good about themselves again and live in harmony with themselves, is beautiful.
If you to would like to know how it feels when the path is free, clear an easy to walk along, then I am more than pleased to accompany you on your way.
What you should know about me:
I am a qualified hypnotherapeutic, but I do not treat mental illnesses.
Illnesses require medical treatment by a doctor.

My trainings:

1996-2000Nursery School – LTPS in Luxemburg
2000-2002Midwifery School – LTPS in Luxemburg
2002-2018Midwife in the delivery room – CHL in Luxemburg
May 2011HypnoBirthing in Hamburg
May 2011HypnoBirthing-once more – in Freiburg
2011-2012Hypnotherapy – HypnoPlus® Akademie Dirk Treusch in Darmstadt – Certified Hypnotherapist (HypnoPlus®)
2011-2012NLP Basics in Luxemburg
February 2012Kids Hypnosis – TherMedius in Darmstadt
April 2012“Schnellhypnose” – HypnoPlus® Akademie Dirk Treusch in Darmstadt
September 2012Hypnosis for pregnancy and birth – ICHP in Leverkusen
September 2012HypnoFertility – ICHP in Leverkusen
November 2012wingwave – Besser Siegmund Institut in Hamburg
December 2012Hypnosis for pain relief – TherMedius Essen
November 2014HypnoFertility Advanced – ICHP in Leverkusen
February 2016NLP-Practionner – Rondo in Trier
November 2016MBSR – Mindfulness-based Stress-Reduction – Andreas Mettchen-Blasius in Trier
November 2016Presentation about HypnoBirthing at the international Hypnosis Kongress in Berlin
April 2017Body Wisdom – Markus Lehnert in Schmitten
May 2017Body Wisdom Therapy – Markus Lehnert in Schmitten
June 2018Clinical Hypnosis – by Dr Steve Bierman (USA) in Magdeburg
June 2018Past life Regression – Markus Lehnert in Schmitten
August 2018Life between Life Regression – bei Markus Lehnert in Schmitten
November 2018MindTV Event in Ludwigsburg
September 2019“Die Kunst dein Ding zu machen – by Christian Bischoff in Bielefeld
February 2020Fear and Panic – The Bernhardt Method – by Klaus Bernhardt in Berlin