What is hypnosis?
Hypnosis is a recognized method, to provoke a change in the state of consciousness. Nor do you fall asleep, nor are you awake – Hypnosis lies somewhere in between.
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That’s difficult to answer in advance. My ultimate goal, is to always solve the problem in as few sessions as possible. So, sometimes one session is enough.
It always depends on the context in which you perceive a session.
• Clients who have the desire to have children usually come more often, because they like to be accompanied during this difficult time.
• Body Wisdom and Past Life Regression sessions only need 1-2 appointments.
• For Wingwave sessions you can count up to 2 to 3 appointments.
• HypnoBirthing is always 4 appointments, because it’s a fix program.
A prerequisite for a quick success is always the willingness to get involved, to make peace with the past, to allow emotions and the eagerness to change.

No. You do not need to fear hypnosis. Make sure that you feel comfortable with your hypnosis therapist and that you can trust him. Then you can engage fully and completely to the hypnosis. You won’t lose control of your body at any time, or do things that could put you in danger. You will remember everything and you will feel the positive effects of the hypnosis even days and weeks after the session.
The recording sheet is used to find out whether there are any contraindications for the use of hypnosis in your case. Please answer honestly to all the questions and indicate all your illnesses and information that may be important. Should there be a contraindication, then we will talk about in advance. Of course, all information will be kept strictly confidential.

No, definitely not. Therapeutic Hypnosis has absolutely nothing to do with the so-called show hypnosis.
The show hypnosis thrives on entertaining people and so it is of course obvious to have a person on stage, which counts 11 fingers, makes strange noises and sees things that are not there. Please forget everything you have seen, heard and read about show hypnosis.
The Therapeutic Hypnosis has only the purpose to make you feel better afterwards, to solve your problems, to help you reach your goals and to support you with your emotions. You will hear, understand, feel and remember everything.
I dissociate myself quite clearly from esotericism and manipulation and I don’t do any show hypnosis.
A qualified hypnosis session has no negative side effects! On the contrary
We will talk about it in detail before the hypnosis, and we can clarify all your fears and concerns in advance.

No. You will only say the things that you want to share. A trustworthy hypnotherapist will however ask you significant questions to help solve your problem. To ask for your VISA credit card code would miss the purpose – apart from the fact that you would chose not to answer the question.

Yes. You are in complete control at all times and you can remember everything after the hypnosis session. After different types of hypnosis (such as Body Wisdom or Past Life Regression), you will receive a digital audio recording of your hypnosis session that you can save and listen to as often as you like.

In principal, yes.
Today we know that every normal and healthy person reacts differently to hypnosis.
Some people are easier to hypnotize than others, and can quickly reach a deep level of hypnosis. Everybody can learn it, however, some need more sessions in order to fully enter into hypnosis.
The most important requirement is your willingness to adapt to a new experience and to fully trust your hypnotherapist. If you have concerns or fears, we will clarify them in a preliminary conversation. I will not be able to hypnotize you against your will.

In certain cases, I will not carry out the hypnosis or only with caution.
These include:
Mental Retardation
Serious Mental Disorders and diseases (e.g. psychoses)
Serious disorders of the central nervous system
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Alzheimer’s disease and Dementia
Severe Depression and ADS
Personality disorders and mental illnesses
Epilepsy and other seizure disorders
Serious head or brain injury
Heavy heart and cardiovascular diseases
Recently recovered myocardial infarction or stroke
Alcohol and drug dependence
Ingestion of psychotropic drugs
Children and young people, without the consent of the Legal Representatives

Yes, of course.
It is impossible for anyone to be “left or lost” in hypnosis. After hypnosis, a person awakens naturally, just as they do after sleep!
Imagine we would simply leave you alone and leave the building… Then you would have 2 possibilities.
Either you would immediately open your eyes and also leave or you would fall into a natural
sleep for a few minutes (maximum 60 minutes) and then wake up by yourself and just leave.
During a session, if there were an emergency, or you no longer wished to participate, you can independently stop the hypnosis at any moment. Of course, a hypnotherapist will always advise you not stop a hypnosis session, but it’s reassuring to know, that you can stop it at any time.
Besides, every hypnotherapist has his methods, to gently and safely bring you back out of hypnosis.

Yes you can.
Depending on the type of session you are immediately operational again. If necessary, have a little walk around, if you’re still feeling a bit to relaxed.
After Body Wisdom, Past Life Regression and other intense and longer sessions, I strongly recommend to plan your schedule accordingly, so that you can spare time for yourself after the session. You can go for a walk or just have a nice, peaceful rest. Experience has shown that you will need this time.

After you have contacted me by online form, e-mail or phone, you will receive a mail from me with appointment suggestions. If an appointment is fixed, I will send you a form to fill out and the general terms and conditions. Please fill out the form completely and send it back to me, via e-mail or post, within 14 days.
After that, you can look forward to your appointment

Hypnosis is very individual. Some describe a feeling of deep relaxation and rest. Others have the feeling they’re floating, or on the contrary, their body may feel heavier. Most of them have neither a sense for space nor for time.
I have never met anyone who claims that hypnosis was unpleasant. Some people just find it easier to go into hypnosis than others.
More on the question: Can everybody be put into hypnosis?
From my own experience I know that hypnosis is pleasant and beautiful.

Each appointment begins with a detailed discussion concerning your matter.
I’ll explain you my techniques and how I operate. We will clarify all your questions and concerns.
Out of experience, I recommend to take the longer and more intensive sessions (Body Wisdom, Past Life Regression) only in the follow-up appointment. So during the first appointment you will experience how hypnosis feels like. This way, during the following sessions you will feel more comfortable with hypnosis and fall quicker and deeper into hypnosis. This has a very positive impact on the sessions.

I have attended many tutorials and training courses over the last few years, so that I can filter and combine the best methods that will lead you as quickly as possible to your success. During our briefing (preliminary talk), I always have a feeling which method will be best to solve your problem. If for some reason it doesn’t meet your request, we will pass on to other methods. Click here to read more about my toolbox link

Basically, no.
However, it is advisable to arrive, without stress and hectic, so that you are prepared to let yourself go into a rest and relaxation mood. The same applies for the time after a session. You will not be in the mood for noise, stress and many people Schedule your meeting, so that you you’ve got space and time for yourself after the session. Please come in comfortable clothes and avoid coffee or caffeinated drinks. Take only the medications you have to take on medical advice.

You can find the prices of the different sessions in the application areas.

No, not really. MindTV is based on visualization, what children do notably well. MindTV, especially developed for children, is one of the easiest and most effective ways to resolve the concerns of children. It has little to do with hypnosis, because children don’t need hypnosis to solve their problem. Because what you can visualize, you can also remove:
Please take a look at the explanation video on the “Help for your child” page.

MindTV works for children and young people, from the age in which they are able to understand what you want from them, so approximately 3-4 years But also with adults.

You’ll find the themes that can be handled with MindTV under the “Help for your child” page.

Ideally you should start the course between the 20th and 24th week of pregnancy HypnoBirthing works on the basis of conditioning: The more I practice, the faster I can reach a deep relaxation and the better I can use it during the birth.
The courses are always quickly fully booked. So, please register as soon as you can. Ideally you should start the course between the 20th and 24th week of pregnancy It is nice if we can plan in a relaxed mood.