During my pregnancy, I used to watch plenty of clips from women giving birth on Youtube. I wanted to see how birth could look like, because as a first time mum, what scared me the most was the unknown. I imagined the most painfull experience as I saw in movies and from peoples stories. That is why I tried to find something different and became more selective in the youtube clips I was watching. This is how I found out about HypnoBirthing. Suddenly I saw women giving birth very peacefully, making it look like a good experience. I would definitely try that too!

HypnoBirthing and especially Cindy has helped me through my fears and gave me the conviction I was going to have a great birthing experience! She helped me and my partner to prepare for our baby’s coming. We can’t thank her enough and would do it all over again for baby number 2 😉

Our little Matisse was born under water very peacefully and completely naturally. Even though the labour needed a little push in the beginning, my body and mind have done all the rest, together with the support of my partner.

My gynaecologist knew I wanted to give birth naturally and therefore gave me only half a tablet for induction instead of the drip which is stronger. At first nothing happened… Having waves every 3 minutes for the whole day I was still only 3cm dilated. It was a long process, but then I understood what it meant to work with the waves and to accept them. Every wave I welcomed with pleasure because I knew it brought me closer to my baby. I believe only because of that I did not need the drip afterwards.
I remember the midwife in the beginning how sceptical she was when I told her I did not want an epidural, she tried to scare me that it would be even more painfull with induction. But I also remember how surprised and astonished she was at the end. She switched her shift only to be part of my delivery. She said she doesn’t see births like that every day.

There is nothing I am more proud of then having brought our son into this world.

Don’t just hope for a good delivery, prepare for one

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