My hypnobirthing story started from extensive research that I was doing in the beginning of my pregnancy when I was absolutely terrified of the actual delivery and possible birth complications. I have looked at several sources and found out that generally relaxation techniques is the way to go. With that I went on a consultation with Cindy. Cindy is very helpful, calming and yet very funny and cheerful with expecting mums. She is truly professional in the delivery of her hypnobirthing classes and always tries to go extra mile by sharing her personal experience while observing delivery of hypnobirthing mums.
The hypnobirthing course and most importantly Cindy’s approach to this birthing method I found very useful. Since many years I do yoga and from that I already knew the importance of breathing in relaxation. Hypnobirthing helps using breathing techniques to relax the body and ease the delivery itself. Having completed the course and multiple exercises at home, I was confident in my ability to calm myself and that was a huge advantage for me while going to the hospital. During the early stages of waves (contractions) I could really relax and I think this helped me a lot. The only interesting thing that I have noticed and I did not think of this before, is that it is very difficult to use hypnobirthing techniques and relax while moving. The midwifes advised me to move around to speed up the birthing process, however, I could not relax and use my techniques during moving in an effective way. Thus, I would suggest perhaps thinking about this while you do your preparatory exercises at home.
I came to hospital around 11 pm and after 3 hours of waves as the birthing progressed, I chose to have epidural, however, I did not feel as I failed hypnobirthing because a part of the class teaches you how to cope with different situations and do not get upset if something goes different to what you planned. After I had a minimal dose of epidural I was able to sleep for 4 hours and in the morning my water broke and my healthy baby arrived 30 min later (the doctor did not even had enough time to arrive!). At the 3rd stage of the birth (actual baby delivery), my epidural was almost gone and I could feel my baby coming out, which was truly exceptional experience. All in all, I had a very easy birth (both me and my husband were sleeping during most of it!) and I think big part of this is because I was so prepared thanks to Cindy and her hypnobirthing class.
As for my baby boy, he came out healthy and happy with Apgar score of perfect 10. As a newborn he cried very rarely, had no problems with colics or food intake. He is still a very happy, calm and social baby and my absolute joy in life.

Thank you again Cindy and your great help along this exciting journey becoming first time mum.


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