We had a wonderful birth. The whole event was a joyous, fun, very peaceful event and I can honestly say that it was a great experience. I wanted a natural, intervention free birth if possible and I got it. I had a very short delivery for a first baby (four hours of active labour) but more importantly, I was in a great mood throughout the whole experience and at no point did I feel I couldn’t manage or felt like I needed pain relief.

I do think that Hypnobirthing is a great way to prepare for birth. It is a fantastic tool to relax during pregnancy and it really shapes your mind to think positively and not be fearful about giving birth. For me, practicing all the relaxation, breathing, & visualization techniques beforehand for months made all the difference. I felt very prepared and confident when I went into labour, trusted my baby and my body, and felt in charge during labour. I could apply all the techniques and therefore felt that labour was something that I actively did and not something that happened to me, which was very empowering. And even afterwards I am still using the techniques almost every day to relax.

Having done the course with Cindy helped a lot, not only with regards to the mental and physical aspects of labour itself but also made us knowledgeable about the hospital’s usual procedure, which helped us to articulate our priorities clearly to them and gave us a great deal of peace of mind.
Cindy establishes a very calm, fun, and supportive atmosphere during class and tells you all you need to know. I loved how she was part of my pregnancy. Thanks again Cindy!!!

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